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Impress potential employers with a Professional LinkedIn Profile. 

Your LinkedIn profile shows up in the top 5 spots when employers Google your name. Unfortunately, LinkedIn is a powerful career tool most professionals overlook.
It is more than just a place to upload your resume. LinkedIn can turn into a well of opportunities when your profile positions you as an expert in your field.


LinkedIn Profile Optimization

It’s hard to write about yourself whether you’re a project manager, engineer or CEO.

We will work with you to create a LinkedIn profile that presents you as a polished professional. 

Your Professional LinkedIn profile is strategically written to tell your story powerfully and effectively. 

Embedded in the content are highly-targeted keywords that increase your chances of being discovered by employers. 


Most professionals don’t know that LinkedIn works just like Google. That means, profiles with targeted keywords have a competitive advantage because they rank higher than the rest.

Do you want to get a professional edge?

Include LinkedIn Optimization to your Professional Branded Resume for more powerful results.

  • Showcase your expertise – without drawing attention to your weaknesses (most professionals get this wrong).

  • Clearly and concisely demonstrate the value you add to an organization.

  • Seamlessly match the tone, look and feel of your resume.

  • Meet professional formatting requirements…without looking canned.

See what our customers are saying...

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