Professional Branded Resume Samples 

In today's labor market a Branded Resume will give you the necessary edge over competition. Below you will find samples of unique, high quality career documents, approved by the leading Certified Resume Writers' Associations in Canada and the United States.

Senior Director of Engineering

Private Investigator

HSE Manager (Operations)

Executive Director

Executive Director

Telecommunications Engineer

Telecommunications Engineer

Director, Corporate IT

Director (Corporate IT)

Investment Banking Analyst

Investment Banking Analyst

Business Analyst (Project Manager)

Business Analyst (Project Manager)

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Chief Marketing Officer

Administrative & Financial Services

Administration & Financial Services

Mary Sample Resume-page-001

Financial Services Representative

Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer

LinkedIn Profile Optimization Samples

Your LinkedIn profile is key to your professional branding strategy. You are missing on opportunities and networking potential each and everyday that your LinkedIn profile remains a skeleton of what you offer. It's time to transform your under-performing LinkedIn profile into a Powerful career tool that spotlights your skills, experience and impresses your network of connections.

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