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MANAGEMENT LEVEL (Managers, Consultants, Advisors)

Premium Quality Writers, PhDs, Professional Resume Writers, MBAs

➡️ With increasing competition in the labor market, an eloquent but aggressive and brand-driven professional resume is your key to a successful career. Companies are looking for vitality, good fit, and personal chemistry in managerial candidates. Branding generates chemistry and makes you come alive on paper.


➡️ On average, recruiters and hiring managers spend about 7-10 seconds on your resume before they decide if you are a suitable candidate. Moreover, as a result of the rise in the number of applicants many companies started using Applicant Tracking Systems, which scan resumes electronically and select only 10-15% of the initial applications, largely based on industry-related key words, spaced strategically throughout the document. 


➡️ Our executive resume writing team consists of Professors (PhDs), Professional Resume Writers, HR Managers, and Professional Writers from multiple industries, including Business, Legal, Healthcare, Social Assistance, IT, Construction, Oil & Gas, Educational, Finance & Insurance, Public Administration, Real Estate, Retail, and more.


We generate Resumes with a "punch" 👊 which is Professionally Written, Visually Appealing, Achievements Based, and Keyword Rich. Think of us as your lawyers or your marketologists. We promote your case and we "sell" you. This is our job! To make sure your document gets noticed among 100s and sometimes 1000s of applications submitted. 

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