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When it comes to the format and design of your resume, it can be just as important as the content. A resume should be inviting and easy to read, with the design tailored to reflect you as a professional. Our Professional Branded Resumes are custom made, created by certified resume writers and strategists to provide you with a unique resume that will visually stand out from the rest.


So what design elements make a resume effective?

An efficient layout

A resume should never be over two pages in length, meaning you should make the most out of the space available. Maximize space by using the full width of the page and omitting the use of large fonts and unnecessary space breaks between text.

Colours and borders

Dividing the sections with subtle colours and borders makes the resume easier to read, and easier for the reader to find what they are looking for.

Professional font

Choose a sleek, professional font and align the text to make it visually appealing and easy to follow.


Your resume design should cater first to your potential employer, by allowing them find information faster. Creating clear sections and headings is an organized way to present yourself on a resume. Consider the following suggested sections:

HEADING: At the top of the page, the heading should clearly indicate your name, job title and contact information.

BRANDING PARAGRAPH: The branding paragraph should follow, including a brief professional description explaining why you are the ideal candidate. This section must be followed by bullet points of hard and soft skills relevant to the position.

HIGHLIGHTS: This section is your opportunity to impress. Here, you should list your professional achievements, successes, strengths and elaborations of specific skills and how you applied them to benefit your previous employer. Read more about marketing yourself here.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: This section should demonstrate your previous experience doing the job you are applying for.

OTHER RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: Continue with other experience you may have that is relevant, either in the same industry, field or a similar job position you’ve held.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: To conclude, your resume may include relevant training, certifications, workshops attended and your education.

For more information and examples, you can find Professional Branded Resume samples here.

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