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Your resume is your first impression upon a potential employer, its purpose being to secure an interview. Most hiring managers only spend a few moments per resume, so yours needs to stand out and spark their interest. The best way to do this, is to market yourself effectively, highlighting exactly how you and your experience will be beneficial. Below, are several ways in which you can distinguish yourself from the competition.


Your summary should be a concise, straightforward explanation of you as a professional, your job title, what qualities make you indispensable and how you can benefit the employer. Remember, your resume is not about you, it is about what you can bring to the table. This first section should encourage the hiring manager to read further.


Including irrelevant information serves to distract the reader and takes up valuable space (read about our resume format here). Your resume should be tailored specifically to the job you are applying for, including only what will convince the employer that you have the required skills. It should make it clear that your relevant experience makes you perfect for this job.


Language can play a great role in marketing yourself as the ideal candidate. Instead of simply stating facts, the language should be convincing. The way you describe yourself should be geared toward explaining to the employer exactly what you can do for them.

TIP: To give weight to your accomplishments, use power words such as: achieved, budgeted, capitalized, delivered, etc.


Including specific details will serve you by giving tangible proof of your abilities. Consider the following examples:

  • Achievement statistics

  • Size of contracts

  • Volume of sales

  • Number of people trained or managed

  • Conditions of the market

  • Certain odds you overcame

In these ways, by ensuring you are marketed well in your resume, you may even win an interview over someone more qualified. A well written resume should not be underestimated – the better the resume, the better your chances.

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To learn more about how to improve your resume, send us your old resume today and get a free review.

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