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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a powerful platform that can truly aid in achieving your career and/or business goals, but it is often overlooked. More often than not professionals and business owners do not take advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer. Creating a LinkedIn profile is one thing, but to create one that utilizes the platform to the fullest is another. Below are four pivotal approaches to apply to your profile in order to optimize your profile.

Don’t Just Complete Your Profile, Complete It to Brand Yourself

It is obvious that having a complete LinkedIn profile is crucial (and that includes having a high-quality, professional headshot). However, the most common thing people fail to do when filling out their profile is:

Fill it out in a way that showcases who they are as a person and as an employee aka present their personal brand.

Creating a profile that reflects your personal brand begins by leveraging the different sections and the most important section you should be taking advantage of is the ‘Summary’ section. Avoid putting your skills here – everyone has skills (and there is a section where you can talk about those). Instead, talk about you, what is it you are passionate about, and why you do what you do. Was there a pivotal moment in your life that made you decide to pursue your career? Are your outside interests a driving force for the work you do? This is the section where you get to tell your story.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

What is the point of making the perfect profile that reflects your personal brand if no one can find you? Making your profile easy and possible for others to find when they do not have your name is just as important as showcasing your personal brand, and it begins by creating a compelling ‘Headline.’ To optimize this section, you should include:

  • your current position/role;

  • keywords/terms related to your expertise, and;

  • a personalized touch that compliments your ‘Summary.’

Including your position/role, and keywords/terms related to your expertise will allow you to show up in searches pertaining to that profession. Adding a personalized touch that compliments your ‘Summary’ makes you intriguing to people and leaves them wanting to know more about you, which leads them to going further into your profile. Think about and research related terms, and make sure to include them throughout your profile and in your past/present job descriptions. Avoid generic job descriptions – write a 2-3 sentences summarizing the things you do or did in the role, as well as an accomplishment or something you excelled at. Keep it brief, recruiters/HR managers can always ask for more later.

Learn To Navigate ALL of LinkedIn’s Options For Your Profile

Navigating LinkedIn goes beyond learning how to search the site for people and content. Did you know that you could get rid of that box on the sidebar that says, ‘People Also Viewed’ i.e. the box that could drive potential job opportunities/recruiters away from your page? That you could choose which sections of your profile show up as ‘public’ when someone views your page or whether someone can see if you have read his or her message? Or choose if you show up in your company’s sponsored content, or can be mentioned by others in their posts? Optimizing your page begins by knowing all of your options for your page. With a quick Google search you can find an array of tutorials – video and written – that can teach you the ins and outs of the site.

Use It

LinkedIn is a tool that is so easy to use and it hardly used, so get on it. Connect with people you met at a networking event, or if you have read about them and want to know more about the work they do. Use it to follow up with individuals prior to a discussion and to keep in touch. Use it for your next job search or to find your next employee – toggle the ‘Let recruiters know you're open to opportunities’ to on! Be active by reposting interesting, but relevant articles or writing a post. And most importantly, keep it updated – avoid inconsistencies with your resume!

By optimizing your LinkedIn you are only helping yourself. Whether it is to get a job or to create a strong presence for your business, you are allowing yourself to attract opportunities that normally would not come up and to connect with like-minded people who can help in accelerating your success.

If you require assistance with your LinkedIn profile optimization you can contact us here.

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