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3 main reasons why you should avoid most Resume Writing Services

North America’s largest urban centers employ tens of thousands of human resources professionals, many of who have become “Professional” Resume Writers. To enhance one’s qualification in Resume Writing, an HR professional might also enrol into an online university course and attain his/her CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer) certification, which takes only 4 months to complete.

The question is then, are these HR “specialist” able to generate truly unique and executive brands for their clients in this highly competitive labor market? The answer is that they cannot. Instead, we have a proliferation of hundreds of “Professional” Resume Writing and LinkedIn Writing agencies, which produce generic, cookie cutter portfolios, with poor design, marketing, and branding strategies, and utilize ineffective writing techniques.

In 2012 Evgeny Efremkin (PhD) founded ExecutiveResume, where he brought together high-quality PhD Writers, Branding Specialist, and former recruiters to generate effective Professional Branded Resumes, Strategic Cover Letters, and LinkedIn and Web portfolios to provide effective branding solutions to make sure that one’s employment history and brand is presented with professionalism, creativity, and enthusiasm to ensure professional exposure.

Here is what to look out for when searching for an effective Resume Writing and LinkedIn Writing Service:

  1. An organization boasting about HR specialist and Certified Resume Writers does not mean that you are getting a quality and unique product. Remember, there are tens of thousands of HR specialists out there. Instead, look out for the unique credentials of the organization’s writers.

  2. Most Resume writing companies outsource work, either to student or overseas. Ask to speak to the owner or the writer directly and inquire about his/her credentials. Ask for their LinkedIn profile to confirm their identity.

  3. Make sure that the product you are receiving is a Professional Branded Resume. Resumes should not look too conservative and mundane, however at the same time they cannot be too graphic an artistic. They should, instead exhume a combination of professionalism and ingenuity, and be able to “sell” the client in less than 10 seconds.

To learn more about a proper and credible resume writing service click here

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