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Five Things Managers Want to Know About You

HR Managerial functions are the most crucial in achieving the company’s desired goals; individual contribution from every employee, collectively allow an organization to get closer to its targets, one step at a time. So, technically employees associated to a particular business play a vital role in establishing company’s position within the industry.

The HR personnel for that matter, take into consideration a lot of eligibility aspects before deciding upon a potential candidate who can actually make a difference. Shortlisting applicants by employing various approaches in determining the right fit for their job, is a tough task to handle. Managers wish candidates come prepared to actively respond to the five characteristics, found in a prospective star employee, listed below:

The Fundamental Traits of Professionalism

The most troublesome concern a recruiter might have while hiring an individual, is the probability of the new recruit sticking around for longer. This not only ensures long-term benefits to the organization on account of employee performance, but it also establishes a rapport of trustworthiness with the management.

The number of shifts between multiple jobs within several organizations present a weak candidate that has no sense of commitment and would certainly refrain from fast-paced work environments, incapable of dealing with pressure.

A preferred choice of employers is the performer who’s keen to undertake multiple tasks, where he gets to gain tremendous amount of experience, working in several fields of industry. Simultaneously, businesses are relieved of hiring more employees for every single function of a hierarchy.

A one-man-show is definitely appealing and a likely advantage from a company’s perspective, but a combination of multi-tasking abilities and a demonstration of collaborative attitude is a complimentary plus-point.

If you’re a team-player then naturally you’ll manage to overcome all the negativity, coming from weak teammates and can work your way out through the manifestation of perseverance. Your eagerness to get the job done would consolidate your strive to accept more competition.

An ambitious personality has all the attributes of a self-motivator and is likely to surpass his own accolades. This sort of a candidate brings in hard work, turning-out to be more of a contributor and less of facilitator to the turnover.

There are a lot other basic strengths, which one scouts for while making a recruiting decision; such as a positive attitude, a winning aptitude, creativity, multifaceted communication skills and less reliance on others to take initiatives.

Past Record and Future Anticipation

Managers will settle for assumptions based on the list of achievements, educational background, and expertise; just by taking a glimpse at your career, keeping an eye out for candidates who’ve demonstrated success in similar roles they are applying for. It’s of particular interest to find out that a candidate’s past experience is a perfect match for the job post, equally imperative to perceive what a candidate can do if hired?

The quality to comprehend the company mission statement reflects your dedication to start-off right away, also getting acknowledged at the same time for how much you’ve grown professionally, while working for various organizations in the past. A personal advice; try to be precise and on-point when filling-out the job application, paying close attention to the detail.

A Sense of Self-Awareness

Some might beg to differ, but it’s factually correct. Applicants beat around the bush, pushing their limits to impress recruiters while showcasing their knowledge and experience on the table. Contrarily, an employer would be much more pleased to hire someone having a great personality rather than a strong resume. An Interviewer can get an idea of such uniqueness, setting you apart from the competition, with how well you can respond to deep questions like what motivates you, which describes all the self-insight you’ve concluded by far.

This great personality should also gel-in with the office atmosphere, which also counts for the organization’s culture and your work chemistry with the colleagues; it’s better to avoid being someone you’re not and try your luck elsewhere, if things don’t work out.

Professional Add-Ons

Someone who can make visualize the person in front as to how good of a problem-solver I can turn-out to be, would never fail to hit the nail on the head. This convincing power gives an impression of adaptability, possible promotions, undertaking responsibilities and challenges, as well as tackling potential losses in the future.

Being passionate about work is an amazing attribute that resonates with past volunteer or internship experiences, which is another ‘Yes’ to the likelihood of getting-in.

Research on the HR Management

It’s good to know a bit about the person conducting the interview, making the best use of his bio on the company website. This way you might be able to relate to the interviewer and make him realize that under his management you can pull-off an impressive performance and wholeheartedly work on the areas of improvement.

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